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Teaching English in Korea! More
Why Teach English in Korea?
In South Korea, English education is a booming business. There are many job opportunities around the country, whether in bustling big cities, peaceful small towns, or sunny tropical islands surrounding the mainland. Competitive pay with a relatively low cost of living makes teaching English in Korea ideal for traveling, saving money and exploring the rich culture of this vibrant country.
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Where Do I Begin?
What are the requirements to teach English in Korea?
Should I teach at a public school or a hagwon (private language school)?
What are my choices for public school jobs?
How do I begin my job search?
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Public School Opportunities
Public school opportunities for native speaker English teachers exist across the Korean Peninsula. Elementary, Middle and High Schools are looking for teachers excited to share their language and culture with students. Korea has a number of metropolitan, mid-sized and rural areas, each with their own pace, personality and cultural offerings.
SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education)
Teach English in Seoul
The Largest City and Capital of South Korea
(1.8~2.7mil won; End of Feb. 2013 )
GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program in Korea)
Teach English in Gyeonggi
Vast Province Dotted with Many Attractions
(2.0~2.3mil won; Start Every Month)
Public School Positions Throughout Korea
Teach English in Busan
The Largest Coastal City
(1.8~2.65mil won; End of Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Daegu
A Developed Urban Area
(1.9~2.75mil won; End of Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Daejeon
The City with the Highest Quality of Life
(1.9~2.75mil won; End of Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Gangwon
An Area in Great Harmony with Nature
(2.1~2.85mil won; End of Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Gyeongbuk
A Peaceful and Historical City
(2.1~2.85mil won; End of Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Chungbuk
Ski Resort & Natural Rest Area
(2.1~2.65mil won; Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Incheon
A Costal City with a Mixture of Cultures
(1.8~2.65mil won; Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Gwangju
Hub City of the Southwestern Region
(1.9~2.75mil won; Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Jeju
Beautiful & Peaceful Island
(2.0~2.75mil won; Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Gyeongnam
Mild Climate; In Harmony with Nature & People
(2.1~2.65mil won, Throughout the year)
Teach English in Jeollabukdo
Real Korean Culture and Food
(2.2~2.85mil won; Feb. 2013)
Teach English in Ulsan
Upscale Center of Modern Industry
(1.9~2.75mil won; Feb. 2013)

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