Gwangmyeong is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. It borders Seoul to the north and northwest, Anyang to the east and south, and Siheung to the southwest. Gwangmyeong City is profoundly devoted to its motto, The Ever-changing Future City of Gwangmyeong, and has set several key objectives to emerge as the Economic Hub of Western Metropolitan Area; / The City that Offers the Best Education; / Environment-friendly Cultural City; / and the Center of Participatory Administration.





  38.5 km2


  86 schools 50,707 students

<Distance to Seoul>

  25 min to Yeongdeungpo, west of Seoul by subway line no. 1
  11 min to Yeongdeungpo by Taxi (cost 6400 won)

<Other information>

  City Info:
  - There are lots of festivals including of Ori cultural festival, Gureum art festival, and so on.
  - Gureum Mountain city nature park, Dodeok Mountain city Nature Park
  - CGV theater, Big shoping mall (Save zone)
  - There is subway line no. 7 in Gwangmyeong sageori, which is connected to Terminal Express
    bus, Nonhyeon, Konkuk University.