Paju is located just south of Panmunjeom on the 38th parallel . To defend the Korean capital, Seoul , many US and Korean army bases are set up in the city. In 2002, the northernmost Korean railway station, Dorasan, was opened. North Korean territory and Kaesong City can be seen from Mount Dora in the city. This city also includes such landmarks like the DMZ, the Jayuro Road of Freedom, the Tongilro Road of Unification, a.k.a. National Road No. 1.





  672.56 km2


  50 Elementary, 19 Middle, 13 High Schools

<Distance to Seoul>

  1 hour by train : Gyeongui Line (Seoul Station ˇęGeumcheon Station) (1,400 won)
  - Buses: to Seoul Station, Sinchon, Bulgwang, Ilsan etc
  50 minutes to Sinchon Station by car
  25 minutes to Daehwa Station line no.3 by taxi (about 9,400 won)
  Railroad: Gyeongui Line (Seoul StationˇęMunsan Station) takes about an hour and half

<Other information>

  City Info:
  - Paju English Village: The Gyeonggi English Villages are places where people can use the
    English language in a variety of contexts as well as experience English-speaking cultures.
  - DMZ: DMZ is a buffer zone to prevent an armed conflict after the armistice agreement.
  - HEYRI ART VALLEY: HEYRI has aimed at the culture and art village where a diversity of
    culture genres communicates in one space.