Seongnam is located in Southeastern Gyeonggido, is adjacent to Songpa-gu, the east part of Seoul . Due to the advantage of its location, it is easy to get to Seoul , especially Konkuk Univ. line number 2, Gangnam and Coax where international exhibitions are held frequently. Also Bundang is a part of Seongnam that is very popular for foreigners. Bundang is Seoul of Gyeonggi-province.





  141.82 km2 (54.76 sq mi)


  Elementary school: 59 Middle school: 30 High school: 15

<Distance to Seoul>

  25 minutes to Gangnam station by taxi (around 12,000 won)
  40 minutes to Gangnam statin by subway

<Other information>

  City Info:
  - Moran Folk 5-day Market
  - Mt. Cheongge
  - Seongnam city botanical garden
  - Yul-dong park bungee jumping
  - Seongnam Art center