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▶ Why Gyeonggi Province
Gyeonggi Province is located in the central western part of Korea. It is a large province that surrounds the metropolis of Seoul and city of Incheon, and is bordered by Hwanghae Province in the north, Gangwon Province in the east, South-Chungcheong Province in the south and the Yellow Sea in the west. Gyeonggi Province is made up of a mix of cities and smaller towns. Larger cities include Suwon (pop.1,044,113), Seongnam (pop. 934,984), Goyang (pop. 866,846), Bucheon (pop. 838,801), Yongin (pop. 689,691) and Ansan (pop. 681,590). Teachers familiar with Korea often choose to work in Gyeonggi Province because its areas have less traffic and congestion than a city like Seoul, with more room to breathe. The Seoul Metro system does extend into different parts of Gyeonggi Province, making a commute into Seoul fast and easy.
▶ Entertainment & Places to Visit
Gyeonggi-do has many entertainment options throughout its cities and towns. The diversity and amount open space in this province makes it the home to many outdoor attractions including many of Korea¡¯s popular ski areas, amusement parks, golf courses and fishing spots. Everland, one of the top 10 theme parks in the world, is located in Yongin. There are also national and provincial parks located throughout the province, including Bukhansan National Park in Uijeongbu, Namhan-sanseong Provincial Park and the Chukryeongsan Natural Recreation Area. History and traditional Korean culture have a strong presence in Gyeonggi Province, experienced strongly in places like Icheon, which is famous for its ceramics, and Suwon, with its Hwaseong Fortress and Korean Folk Village. And when it comes to nightlife, cities like Goacheon, Ilsan, Suwon and Sungnam have many entertainment options.
▶ Useful Links
- Gyeonggi Province Office
- Tour Information
We are now accepting applications for GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program In Korea).
▶ Working Conditions
- Starting Date: Evey Month
- Location: Locations throughout Gyeonggi Province
- Age Groups: Elementary (1st ~6th grades ), Middle (7th ~9th grades ), High (10th ~12th grades)
- Salary: 2.0 ~ 2.3 million won per month (Depending on Qualifications, click the pay scale )
- Working Hours: 8:30 a.m. ~ 4:30 p.m. (Mon.~ Fri.)
- Teaching Hours: 22 hours per week
- 300,000 won Settlement Pay upon teacher's arrival
- Round trip airfare: One-way reimbursed upon teacher's arrival. Return airfare will be reimbursed
   at the end of the contract.
- 100% Severance Pay
- Paid Vacation: 20 working days and all Korean national holidays
- 50% medical insurance, 50% national pension plan supported
- Full furnished single housing or housing allowance (400,000 won per month)
- Housing Options: Single furnished housing or housing allowance
- Distance from Seoul: 30 min ~1 hr by subway or bus
▶ Opportunities Available in the Province Surrounding Seoul:
Ansan / Anseong / Anyang / Bucheon / Dongducheon / Gapyeong / Gimpo / Goyang / Gunpo / Guri
Gwacheon / Gwangju / Gwangmyeong / Hanam / Hwaseong / Icheon / llsan / Namyangju / Osan
Paju / Pocheon / Pyeongtaek / Seongnam / Siheung / Suwon / Uijeongbu / Uiwang / Yangju
Yangpyeong / YeojuYeoncheon / Yongin
▶ Required Documents
  • A Completed Application Form
    (including a passport size photo)
  • Your Formal Resume
  • Two Signed Recommendation Letters from Academic or Professional Sources
    - Must include the name, position, address, contact number and signature of the reference
  • Your Original Diploma or apostilled copy - Bachelor's Degree
  • One Original Sealed Transcript
    - Please get some extras as you might need them when you do the interview with Korean Consulate or get notarization from Korean Consulate (for Canadians)
  • Criminal Record Check with Apostille Stamp
    - Should be done on a state or national level and verified by an apostille
    - Applicants from Canada or other countries that do not have an agreement with the Apostille Convention should submit a criminal record check notarized by the Korean Consulate/Embassy; however, Korean residents who have a criminal record check from one of the foreign diplomatic offices in Korea are exempt from the apostille verification process
    - Verification should be issued by official institutions (of the applicant's government in his/her country or by foreign diplomatic offices in Korea) and must have been issued within 6 months at most before submitting all the required documents.
  • Copy of Your Passport's Photo Page
  • Proof of Certification (If applicable)
    - Teacher certification, TESOL, etc.
    - Original or notarized (apostille) copies
  • Proof of Teaching Experience (If applicable)
    - With official letterhead and signature of employer
    - Must state 'full-time' teacher if it is from private school
    - The exact start and end dates of your contract with your current or previous employer must be mentioned in the letter. Ex) from September, 2008 to August, 2009.
    - One school year is acceptable (two semesters)
    - Proof of 2 or more years of teaching experience is required for a Level 1 Teacher
    - Proof of 1 year of teaching experience is required for a Level 2 Teacher
  • Copy of Citizenship or a Copy of Legal Residence Certificate (for Korean Nationals)
    - If English is not your first language (born in a non-English speaking country), then you must be able to provide proof of English education beginning from junior high school level.
▶ Application Process
Please e-mail us your cover letter, resume, and latest photograph and we will contact you for an interview.
*The placement will be done in order of documents received.*
  1. Send us your resume, cover letter, current picture
  2. Phone interview with WorknPlay
  3. Send us your Application Form (**No need, please delete)
  4. Get a result from Worknplay (Worknplay will submit your resume and photo to Gyeonggi Education board. no interview needed)
  5. Send us your documents (including signed contract)
  6. Receive final contract & notice of appointment
  7. Applicants apply and obtain E2 visa at the Korean Embassy/Consulate
  8. Applicants arrange the air ticket
  9. Attend orientation
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